Small businesses and marketers are always looking for an inviting way to introduce themselves to new clients. Custom printed window graphics are a great solution.

MidAtlantic Sign & Awning has printed and installed over 5,000 uniquely designed and shaped window graphics.

Their team of experienced installers will get the job done right and on time!

Make the best impression possible with full-color window graphics on your store entrance or on the rear window of your vehicle. Businesses such as salons, restaurants, urgent care centers, auto retailers, repair shops, and clothing stores use custom window graphics to display sales,promotional items, and to highlight upcoming events.

New Jersey is notorious for its rules on outdoor advertising, signage and banners used to promote businesses. Because of MidAtlantic Sign & Awning’s experience with state guidelines, their professionals know how to work within the rules, allowing you to use custom window graphics. The graphics don’t require permits in most cases, making it a great way to avoid the need for additional stress and costs otherwise incurred with traditional signage.

Displays and graphics on your store front windows is also a way to avoid the drawback of low in-store traffic. It’s reasonable to want others to see people inside your business. This can draw more customers to enter the store. But what about the scenario when there are just a few, or maybe no customers at that moment? Using window graphics with full bright colors can help with that challenge. Window graphics provide a welcoming image to potential customers who may be considering using your business for the first time, as well as to those who are frequent customers. Because of the reasonable costs, changing the images to flow with the seasons or holidays is very cost-effective!

Vehicle Wraps

In today’s competitive market, every small and medium size business is fighting for the attention of every possible new and repeat customer. While traditional mediums such as print marketing with door flyers is still a very viable tool, vehicle wraps can set your business apart from the others.

A vehicle that is wrapped with company information such as phone number, product offerings, photo’s, email and web address get noticed and that difference could be a remarkable one. All businesses thrive to grow new clientele and attract new customers. Well, the numbers are in, and vehicle wraps simply work better than any other marketing in the price bracket. The design team at MidAtlantic Sign & Awning will create a wrap design that will bring attention to your business and customers to your door.

Content Creation

From simple promotions to advanced interactive displays, MidAtlantic Sign & Awning knows the best ways to engage your customers; to tell your story and influence sales using the latest technologies


MidAtlantic Sign & Awning offers professional installation with skilled installers that are some of the best in the nation, so you can rest easy knowing that your project is in the best hands.

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